"but officer they were fucking with my clique"

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College in two sentences or less.

I love how it’s not something like “wear something smart”. It’s just like “wear something”.

Reblog if you’d care if I killed myself



i tried to scroll past this but that one reblog just might save somebodies life 

I tried to scroll too..

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celebrities that get more shit than they should:

  • nicki minaj
  • ke$ha
  • miley cyrus
  • lorde
  • lindsay lohan

celebrities that don’t get enough shit:

  • justin bieber
  • nash grier
  • justin bieber

Nash isn’t a celebrity, he’s an over rated douche bag.

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U know how in winter it gets so cold and u think u will never be hot again and in summer it gets so hot u think u will never be cold again I think that is how it is with ur feelings like when u r sad u think u will never be happy and when u r happy u think u will never be sad. But u will be hot again and u will be cold again and u will be sad again but most of all u will be happy again

This is so relevant

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when straight guys ask how lesbian sex works i feel really bad for their girlfriends because if you dont understand how to have sex with a girl in any way other than repeatedly putting your dick in her you are having some really bad sex

I want to reblog this 100 times but I’ll just do it once

but that’s why they ask… considering neither girl would have a dick.

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